Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lucy's 2nd Birthday

Lucy turned two on March 30th. And yes, I'm terribly late on posting this! It'll be Helen's birthday (she's turning one on April 30th) before I know it. All along their dad and I have said we're not going to be those kind of parents that have crazy big parties for their 1 and 2 year olds. They don't need tons of toys. They're happy with one new book or sheet of stickers. Right. But it sounded so fun to have a lot of friends over to our house - to actually host a party and make special treats and make everything look fancy. We ended up squeezing 32 people (14 of which were 10 and under) into our little house. All my good intentions of taking photos of the whole party went to the wind once the guests actually started arriving, so I don't have any pictures of the whole group squeezed in. I got this video and photos from a friend, Ruth Hicks. Thanks Ruth! It was very fun, although I have to admit it was more for me than for Lucy. Although she has opened presents before she really didn't have any concept of what a "birthday" meant. When everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" to her the pressure was simply too much. (see the video below) However, once she saw the mound of presents and we let her open the first one she got the picture really quickly :-) A very memorable evening - but Helen better not get any ideas. We're NOT having a huge one year birthday party for her in two weeks!

Lucy opening her present from Auntie Missy

Helen enjoyed all the friends
A new kitchen set from Daddy & Mommy!


  1. How special to have everyone come over. We will come up to visit soon and see all Lucy's new prizes.

  2. How about coming up next week? We'd love to have you any day :-)