Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Midnight Marauder

No, I'm not referring to this big guy. We have our own little just-turned-three midnight marauder who waits until all the house is sleeping and then tiptoes (or "tips-her-toes" as she puts it) out into the living room, gets out all her toys, and plays happily until she falls back to sleep.

Now maybe it's just my laziness, or my tiredness, or my under-developed parenting skills, but as long as she's happy out there I'm happy in bed. There are enough little crisis' to rob a mothers sleep; hungry babies, sick toddlers, ferocious rats, etc. Besides, who knows, maybe, just maybe, she'll take a good nap tomorrow :-)

A ConCATenation of Circumstances

Painfully funny.

How ironic. About 3 hours later, as the tow truck was finally reeling our car onto the trailer the cat managed to squeeze himself part-way out from behind the engine and I was then able to pull him the rest of the way out. Aughhhh! Well I guess "all is well that ends well." Or in the cat's case, all is well that doesn't end horribly!

p.s. the cat is now long gone, presumedly gone home to live happily ever after, but the car troubles remain with us always. Oh for an old horse and buggy.