Friday, December 21, 2012

Prayer and Almond Roca

Lucy is learning to say her "Lord's Prayer". She pretty much has is down, although with her particular two-year-old's dialect it's possible only her daddy and I can understand her :-)

(excuse the video quality and angle, Lucy and I were laying on the couch
together while I held my phone up to video. Not ideal circumstances,
but I don't often get out my real camera these days...)

Now this little girl knows how to enjoy her almond roca!

One little piece provided about 45 minutes of entertainment and enjoyment :-)


  1. I see why her high chair always looks like that. It's worth it though, to keep her contained there for 45 minutes!

  2. My training in two year old dialect is paying off - I can understand most of Lucy's prayer :-) And I must say that I wish I had Helen's restraint - I am too greedy to make a single piece of Almond Rocca last a whole 45 minutes! Blessings to all the Phares Family.
    -Sarah T.