Monday, December 16, 2013

Cozying up for the Cold

My children think it is so exciting to put on coats and hats and go outside in the (literally) freezing cold. Left to myself I might think it was exciting to cuddle up on the couch in front of the fireplace in the warm house, but they get me out so I get them bundled. I do love the look of warm winter coats :-)

I actually got a photo with all three children smiling!
It took clicking away about twenty times but - Yay!

A very sweet (and warm) pass-me-down "cozy coat" for Lucy
from a good friend (thank you Kathleen!)

Helen now get's Lucy's pass-me down "Lizzy Coat" - named thus
because cousin Lizzy gave it to us and has a matching one.
(What, doesn't everyone name their coats?)

Lucy definitely has a certain "mom is taking too many pictures" expression.
Hmmm. Her daddy gets that expression as soon as he sees the camera
pointing anywhere near his vicinity. 


  1. Very nice. Of course everyone names their coats. And cars, laptops, bibles, and guitars. Or am I just surrounded by weirdos? (Don't answer that.)

  2. Every car my our family owned while I was in my early years was named "Betsy" for some reason, as in, "Come on Betsy, please START!"

    Sweet pictures.

  3. Very sweet, Mary :)