Thursday, March 13, 2014

Welcome Susan Faith

Susan Faith ~ Born March 10th, 2014

7lb 4 oz (my smallest by far!) 19" long

12 hours old - so peaceful

Ben and his three girls
Paul seems to like Susie, but he's not sure how to react when she cries.
Grandma helping with Susie
Helen Sue has been waiting for Susan's arrival
almost as impatiently as I have been!
Lucy is my big helper
(and Helen is not thrilled about giving Lucy a turn to hold Susan)
Me and my sweet baby girl
Baby Susie still mostly keeps those eyes shut during the day and wide open all night.
I'll have to take some night pictures soon to show you her awake ;-)


  1. Haha! That Helen girl sure has some "looks" :-) Welcome baby Susan! Hope to see you all soon.

  2. Wow, Mary, all your children are so beautiful. There's a happy twinkle in their eyes. And as soon as you can get us some of those night pictures of Susie I'm sure we will be able to see her twinkle too. :D