Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lessons in Laundry

After hearing, reading, and talking about "vocation" and how God's will for me today is to simply take care of my home and children...

I spent yesterday morning doing all my weekend laundry & ironing.

See photo below.
Order, where chaos had once been. Notice the sweet girl in front.
Next I hopped onto my computer to get the beautiful photo
uploaded for you all and alas...

See photo #2.
Chaos, where order had once been!

As much as I wanted to blame 18 month old Lucy, I knew that if, instead of blogging about vocation, I had actually been "vocating" this would not have happened. Besides, putting myself in Lucy's shoes, if I were an adventurous little girl and I saw a seemingly endless row of freshly ironed clothes what would I do?

Even still, knowing all this, it took me some time to calm down about the hours of ironing lying crumpled on the floor.


  1. I know. The blogging/vocating balance really stumps me too. So does calming down. :P

  2. Oh my! That little sweetie. Well bless you in your vocation for the rest of laundry day.

  3. I love it. She doesn't really care if her shirts are ironed anyway. ;-)

  4. No, Lucy would rather have no ironed clothes and really "have" her mommy, than have me trying to "keep her occupied" while I iron. I guess ironing is what nap times are for :-)

  5. That is exactly what George does if I leave any folded clothes in a basket or on a table.
    Then he starts bringing each item to me.