Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lots of Snow

Over the last couple of days we've had a LOT of snow - at least for western Washington. My non-scientific guess is about 8". I don't remember having this much snow since my family moved to Washington about 20 years ago. So since Ben was home we built snowmen (Ben did all the work, Lucy and I helped by bringing out the eyes and noses) and we had fun in the snow with the neighbors. Still, for the majority of our time we were cuddled up inside. Lucy and Helen have loved having Daddy home, but I think he is ready to get back to work. He's not as good at "doing nothing" as I am. :-)

Our snowman family
Lucy got to hold the "noses and eyes"
Our kind of "walk" - Lucy couldn't have walked far in that deep snow.

The girls in their stroller / trailer
Lucy - BEFORE she got cold :-)
Here we are

 Ben put together a video today of some of the more "icy" photographs he took today, now that the snow has turned to wet hail and slush.


  1. Cute little pudgy snowmen! (The little kid ones, I meant. Really...)

    Those are sweet pictures. You will love them in years to come.