Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Walk in the Snow

Yesterday afternoon I finally took the girls out for a walk in the snow. Of course, then it was only a few inches. Now we have about 8 inches and it's still snowing! I'll have to try to get more pictures when we go out today but for now here are a couple from yesterday. They aren't the greatest, since they were just taken by me with my phone, but they show that we had fun. Helen just stayed bundled in her "pouch" while Lucy explored.

 Lucy's wearing the new shawl that Grandma Patty made for ME.
Lucy was so excited when I got it out and kept saying "please, please" so I let her wear it, this once. :-)

 We mostly stayed in the parking lot where the snow had melted,
since Lucy was slipping and sliding when we walked through the actual snow.


  1. So fun. I'm glad you got yourself in the pic with the girls. And I'm sure Grandma Patty will be glad to see it on Lucy. I know I would be.

  2. I am guessing today was more of a walk in the snow! :-)

  3. Oh...the scarf looks so pretty on her. Is that the first time Lucy has seen snow?...that she remembers anyway?