Monday, May 14, 2012

Everyday Adventures

Isn't it amazing how something as simple as making cookies can turn into an adventure with a two year old? This afternoon Lucy helped put in the ingredients into the mixer and then helped put the balls of dough on the trays. Of course when she's was done I did straighten out the rows of cookies "a little" before putting them in the oven.

Once the cookies were in the oven I peeked out the door to check on Helen, who was supposed to be happily playing at the sandbox. Well, I guess she just couldn't wait for the cookies, so she scrounged up an afternoon snack for herself elsewhere.

Yes, Helen always has chubby cheeks, but here they were extra chubby from the 12 pieces of dog food stuffed in. Needless to say she did NOT appreciate it when I extricated the food from her mouth.
Is there a moral here? Watch her better? Put the dog dishes out of reach? Hmmm. My conclusion is that maybe I should start buying the "made with real meat" type of dog food, so at least she gets some nutrients...


  1. Wow Mary, apparently I missed the snack time...when I came it was just tidy sleeping little girls :-)

  2. So, when is Lucy bringing her cookies over to share? Maybe we should make some and bring them over when we come.

    I hope you sent Uncle Joe and Grandpa the picture of Helen feasting! :-)

  3. cookie making picture--cute--you are a good mom.
    dog food eating picture--gross and cute--you are still a good mom.