Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cleaning Tip - Keeping your microwave clean

This is a little cleaning tip for the From the Hearth - Cleaning Tips link exchange.

Don't worry, this isn't MY microwave :-)
How to Clean Your Microwave:

Of course the all time best way to have a clean microwave is to always cover everything you heat, and diligently teach and emphatically enforce this rule for everyone in your house. HOWEVER, if you do occasionally find that splattered, crusty food mess on the inside walls of your microwave, never fear. This is a little house-keeping tip I learned years ago.

#1. Fill a glass bowl about 1/2 way with water. You can add a couple of tsp of baking soda to act as a deodorizer if you want. Microwave for about 5 minutes.

#2. Leave the microwave door shut for about 5 more minutes (after the heating has stopped) to allow the steam to loosen up all that grime.

#3. VERY CAREFULLY remove the bowl of water. It will still be very hot!

#4. Use a damp rag or sponge to easily wipe off all the loosened grime.

This is much easier than all the scraping and scrubbing I used to do :-)

For more in-depth microwave cleaning tips you can visit this site.


  1. So I do the same thing with my microwave except I use dish soap in my water. It works great.

  2. I am about to try this - finally! :-)