Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Learning Legos

Notice Lucy's multi-tasking. Snacking & positioning Daddies.
 Lucy's just starting to learn how to put lego pieces together. Of course at first she only wanted to break apart whatever I built for her. Now if I build something she
Happy girls
arranges all the "daddies" on it. All little toy people are daddies, didn't you know? She is happy with any basic platform, which is lucky for me, since I'm more autistic the artistic when it comes to my lego structures. My mom, on the other hand, can build the most elaborate little towns, with grocery stores and houses... I'll have to get a picture of one of them sometime when Grandma makes one for the girls.
What could be more tasty than a lego?
Helen is "standing" already - even if it is only for a few seconds and while she's holding on to something. This is crazy! She's my baby.


  1. Beautiful. Poetry in motion. I love that Lucy thinks all the people are Daddies. And Helen. Um, I don't think you're going to be able to slow her down. As far as your own Lego skill, just keep practicing. Remember, I've been playing Legos for thirty-five years now. I have a photo from 1981 of you playing Legos wearing a diaper. I should find it so you can post it. Legos...the one constant.

  2. Alright, I'll keep practicing my lego skills. And I think you're right about Helen, she's coming on strong!