Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Morning Prayer

Excerpt from a "Friday Morning" prayer in the Lutheran Prayer Book.

"Bless the labors of my hands. Bless our home with Your continued presence.
... and grant that boys and girls may grow in grace and knowledge
of You and Your will ...


  1. Very edifying post, Mary. Beautiful countenances all three of you. By the way, researchers did not know about that unmatched sock syndrome thirty years ago. But at least I did have Gert and Velma who both sorted huge laundry baskets full of sox for me on a regular basis. So they kept me from going completely crazy. Also by the way, I'm the Mom who actually did ONLY BUY WHITE SOCKS to make matching easier. (How typical Me, right Patricia?) I don't think it helped, though. 200 unmatched white socks is still no small job. I have repented though. I do buy Emily cute socks (sometimes).

    December 10, 2011 8:23 AM

  2. Beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes at His continued grace towards us.

  3. ....and don't forget Cathy... writing there names in every article of clothing!

  4. Patricia, forgive me for all the times I've written your childrens' names, your name, or anyone's name in articles of clothing I find at my house. It's a quirky fault--I can't help myself. Pray for me.

  5. Mom,
    Please bring your quirky fault to my house...

    Thank you for the prayer